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now at 5:00, bundle up. one of the coldest nights of our cold snap is tonight. more weather woes as powerful storms bear down on the eastern u.s. a look at the impact on air travel. news. >> just about 38, 39 degrees. we don't care, man. >> don't call them fair weather fans. the niner faithful braved the children and it was so important to represent during today's game. >> mercury is dropping tonight, taking a live look outside from our exploratorium camera at the east bay. four out of the last five nights we had subfreezing temperature and there is more to come. winter's grip won't let go. hats and scarves have become the
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standard. some bay area cities will hit freezing tonight with another freeze warning issued for the vast majority of the bay area. the bay area isn't the only place getting the win through blast. 27 states are under a winter weather advisory with storm systems from texas to pennsylvania. this is philadelphia. slammed today by blizzard conditions. at least 16 deaths are blamed on the bad weather. the snow is causing treacherous conditions and massive travel delays. more on that in a moment. first, the latest on our cold snap. we have live team coverage. let's check in with weather anchor spencer christian. >> chilly speaking about lou cold it -- how cold it is. clear styes and temperatures will plummet tonight and tomorrow night. we have a freeze warning for all of the bay area except san francisco. temperatures well below freezing, exposed pipes could burst. please bear that in mind. and there's an increased risk of
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hypothermia. let's look at the three warnings ahead, looking at a live look. tomorrow morning and tuesday morning, overnight and tomorrow morning and tuesday morning, low temperatures inland, low 20s, low temperatures around the bay, upper 20s, low temperatures on the coast, low 340ness. we -- 30s. slightly less cold conditions tuesday night and wednesday morning, and tomorrow will be another "spare the air" day. air quality is declining. north bay air quality expected to be poor. medium at best of the remainder of the bay area. a little more on this weather later. >> now to the impact the weather is having on people in the bay area. we're live in san francisco at a coat drive, and, cornell, some people are really struggling with the fridge temperatures. reporter: absolutely. the sun has just gone down. it is getting very cold here in the city tonight. we want to show you this very special coat giveaway that is happening right knew in front of
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st. vincent depaul here in selma. a nonprofit organization making it possible. in fact this is the 15th year they have done this, and on a night like this when it is so cold, a coat is a welcome gift. >> a welcome delivery of warm coats just arrived at st. vincent depaul's homeless outreach. thousands of coats donated by sikh families of america. >> since we're fortunate to have so much, and to share with the people that are not as fortunate, and being so cold this year. >> places like walnut creek, temperatures struggled to get out of to the 30s. we found snow. but this stuff was collected by the zambonie at an ice-skating rink where frigid temperatures did not keep skaters away. >> it's just starting to click with me. you have to do it. >> overnight the chp reported black ice on westbound highway 24. officers say if you hit it, don't brake, and slow down. in san francisco the cold kept
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many tourist indoors. that's not good for rob's pedicab business. >> pedicab here. got a blanket. >> despite offering a blanket it's been a tough sell. >> more challenging for sure. you have to overcome the cold somehow. you have to make it more appealing than being inside. >> we found some people brave enough to rent bikes, to trek across the golden gate bridge. this family came to san francisco looking for cold weather. >> just come from 100-degree heat in australia so down here, just have to make sure you're dressed for and it just keeping the sun on you. over in the sun, it's fine. >> this family was all smiles as they bundled up and headed out. >> growers across california are struggling to protect the state's citrus industry and other key products.
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some damage is expected to the mandarin and naval -- navel orange crops. the industry doesn't expect a dramatic impact on supply or price. >> to the deep freeze across a large swath of the nation. the forecast calls for the win this mix to continue tonight, turning to rain tomorrow. meteorologists say this is the work of a couple of storms lined up side-by-sign. freezing rain and sleet is making driving dangerous for millions of residentses nationwide. >> i have antilock brakes and i was going five-miles-an-hour. >> airline passengers flying to texas, chicago, or the northeast, are advised to call ahead. thousands of flights are cancelled nationwide. right now there are no major delays or cancellations being reported as bay area airports. the airports on the map, chicago o'hare and major airports in new jersey and new jersey.
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abc viewers are sending us pictures. this fountain is at sebastopol. and look at rocksie, and her first experience with snow. we invite you to share you weather photos to us. >> stay on top of the cold weather with the abc7 news weather app, hourly temperature forecasts and severe weather alerts. it's free at the nfl often promotes football as a bad-weather sport and it got its share today. check out game conditions in philadelphia. the eagles-lions game is one of several played during the snowstorm. the snow obscured the yard markers, making its impossible for fans to tell where the ball was. wait until you see the players on the field in this stop. mike shumann has a look in a
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about 15 minutes. >> cold temperatures didn't deter 49ers fans from tailgating hours before the final day game. the fans were in the parking lot before the niners took on the seahawks. the niner fans were prepared for the cold, bundled up in blankets, hats, gloved, and scotts. for some the mission was showing seattle fans their niners pride. >> we came out here extra early because we know the seahawks fans, they're going to come out, and we have to come out and represent. and to all -- show how the niners do it. >> to help keep the place, san francisco police had undercover officers dressed as chicago seehawk fan. >> in vallejo police are investigating a shooting the victim was shot several times and was found on the ground in the middle of whitney avenue. he is being treated at the
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hospital. the vallejo times herald told witnesses told police there was some type of altercation at the front step of the school between two people shortly before the body was found. lillian kim is at the scene and will have a live reporting at 6:00. >> a group from the south bay returned home tonight after helping in a disaster zone. up next, the doctors and nurses share their life-changing experience with abc7 news. also, a california man on his way to setting a bell-ringing record instead makes a charitable
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>> an emergency medical team from stanford arrived back from the philippines. nine doctors and nurses spent two weeks treating victims of supertyphoon haiyan. they spoke about the people they cared for shortly after they got back to the bay area. >> i think it feels good. my presence actually makes them feel good, and they're very grateful for that. and i'm glad we were there. >> the big thing we saw was the philippine people engaged in their recovery, and massive progress was being made every day. >> the stanford team saw up to 200 patients a day. they say there's still a lot of work to be done to get local health services back up and running. today nelson mandela was remembered with a national day of prayer and re flexion. mourn -- reflection. mourners gather in front of his former home. president obama and the first
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lady will be attending a memorial service on tuesday. in the bay area there will be a book for people to pay tribute to nelson mandela, starting tomorrow in oakland, san mateo and hayward, on wednesday there will be a civic memorial at city hall in san francisco. >> a pg&e worker is being treated for minor burns after a job-related accident. he was responding to a power outage. the worker was trying to put a transformer in a box. the transformer failed and he suffered burns to his hands and face. other crews rye placed the transformer. power was returned by noon. >> how a california man got a jump on ringing in the new year. plus, holiday parade too hot to handle. what investigators say caused this float inferno. temperatures are dropping out there tonight. we'll find out how much longer
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this cold snap will last.
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thosed ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> a spectator took this video of a holiday parade float that burst into flames last night in virginia beach. firefighters were able to douse the flame thursday ten minutes. no major injuries were report it. but some students in a band walking behind the float were taken to hospital for breathing problems.
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the fire was caused by a generator surrounded by combustibles at the back of the float. >> a san diego man spent a record 105 hours ringing a salvation salvation arm kettle bell. he raise $2,700 for charity, and he planned to go until midnight last night but agreed with the two other ringers to stop area -- early so they can share the record. they topped last year's record of 80 hours. >> this holiday season abc7 is team upping with food banks go to the abc7 news facebook book and take the pledge to give where you live. your good deed could be rewarded. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner will be announced on december 19th. it's time to find out just how long we're going to stay this cold. spencer christian is here with
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the latest. >> i won't give things away if i share this with you. going to last at least two more overnights and two more morning. it's going to be frigid. live doppler 7hd. clear skies right now, will remain with us overnight, and temperatures will plummet. a live view from the rooftop camera as abc7, looking along the embarcadero, nice and colorful, and temperatures are chilly. it's 43 in san francisco. 41, oakland. 45, redwood city. 40, los gatos. 41, half moon bay. another live view of the post-sunset sky as we look west. other temperature readings around the bay area, cooler than what i just -- colder than what i just showed you. 43, santa rosa. 41, napa. upper 30s at novato, fairfield, concord, and livermore so you know it's going to be cold in those locations overnight. and now a beautiful view of a clear sky over the bay bridge from our exploratorium camera. these are our forecast features.
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a freeze warning in effect, "spare the air" alert for tomorrow, that's the second consecutive day. we had one today as well. and chilly days ahead. chilly afternoons on monday and tuesday, before we start to get a break in the cold snap. here's the pacific satellite image. you can see the movement of weather systems today. cold front moved south of us. the cold air continues to spill behind the clouds, moving into southern california, and clear skies in the bay area. so at 7:00 this evening, you won't see much happen overnight in terms of sky conditions. it will remain clear but temperatures will drop and they won't rise much tomorrow. so it's going to be another chilly day. overnight tonight look for low temperatures dropping to 21 at napa. 23 at santa rosa, 23, fairfield. 25, livermore, 25, concord. 24, morgan hill, and around the bay, where we usually get also milder overnight considers, temperatures mainly in the upper 20s. on the coast, 31. below freezing on the coast. tomorrow's high, south bay,
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upper 40s to around 50. san jose and the peninsula, 51. redwood city. and 50 at every other location. chilly on the coast. upper 40s at half hoon -- half moon bay. 29 in the sunset strict tomorrow. north bay, mid-to-upper 40s on the coast, and inland, low 50s. 52 at santa rosa. east bay highs, 51 oakland, san leandro and castro valley, upper 40s just about everywhere else. the inland east bay, chillier with highs in the upper 40s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. not much of a break -- wednesday we'll have a little bit of an increase in high temperatures. wednesday and thursday. inland highs 58 -- 56 to 58. that's about it. that will hold into the weekend, and some clouds come in on friday, saturday, and sunday. a slight chance of rain on friday. maybe again on sunday.
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but not a big storm, just few clouds in the sky. the good news is the temperatures will start to rise after the middle of the week. >> thank you, spencer. shu is here with sports. rumble a candlestick. >> the best rivalry on the west coast was at the stick as the 49ers and seahawk show their disdain for each other. the highlights are coming up in sports.
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she seahawks in town. but if they win they get a first-round bye but have not one a game here since 2008. 1800 bucks raised by fans. another field goal from niners and the hawks quarterback russell wilson connects with luke wilson. 14-9 seahawks. 49ers then again a nine-play, 72-yard run. 16-14 niners at the half. fourth quarter, field goal puts seattle up 15-16. niners rely on the legs of frank gore. 51-yard gain into hawks territory. scored. and sets up the fourth field goal of the day. 22 yards, 19-1749ers. leaves enough time for wilson to throw one more desperation hail mary, and eric wright takes care
5:24 pm
of that. niners win, ending the seahawks seven-game win streak. >> tough to -- told them to -- 17 points, is really a great accomplishment. a greet team accomplishment also. i thought everybody played well. special teams, defense, and offense, great team win. >> you think we have cold weather? check out philly, a blizzard. cooperate see the lines much less the football. things cleared up late in the game, and mccoy took over. this is an offense advantage kind of die. 217 yards for mccoy. 57 on this touchdown run. eagles beat the lions 34-20 and take over first place in the nfc east as the cowboys play on monday night. >> oakland in new york to face jets. raiders have now lost 50 straight games east of the mississippi. raider fans show up no matter what.
5:25 pm
the 25-yard pass, jets up. then 48 yards, mcgloin's 245-yard, two tds and a page. raiders down ten but couldn't get any closer. shakes two tackles, then a third, fourth, fifth. come on raiders. jets win. raiders now 4-9. >> head coach back john fox back on the sideline in denver. he witnessed history as his kicker set an nfl record with this 64-yard field goal right before halftime. pai top manning had four td passes. denver wins. >> patriots down 12 to the browns. a minute left, five-point game. after recovering the onside kick, brady to amendola. and then the browns trying to
5:26 pm
get the lead. just short. patriots come back too win it 27-26. >> ravens and vikings. teams combined to 13 points and then 42 in the fourth, including five lead changes. the patterson td gave minnesota the let. ten seconds left. joe flacco hits brown for the game-winner and the ravens win it 29-26. we'll hear more from the 49ers and the sharks in minnesota. what a day the nfl, both at 6:00. >> stay with us. spencer will be b
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coming up at 6:00, new details about a bay area man's living conditions while he was held captive in north korea. and why big-name musicians are canceling shows at sea world. join us for abc7 at 6:00. and spencer chin -- christian has a final look at the forecast. >> the projected lows tonight, low 20s in the inland valleys, and south at morgan hill, low of 24. upper 20s around the bay. tomorrow's highs, chilly. the highest temperatures today were 49 and 48 at oakland, and santa rosa. tomorrow, might see a couple 51s but that's pretty chilly. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. two more chilly days and frigid morning and then temperatures moderate and by the end of the week, high temperatures in the upper 50s, which is a treat compared to what we have been
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having. >> thank you. that does it. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight on "world news," pileup. the deadly deep freeze across much of this country. the black ice, the freezing rain. 30 cars collide in milwaukee. also, the pileup on the pennsylvania turnpike. the deadly storm on the move, and in the south, the airport nightmare. passengers stranded for days, showing us the tiny corner of the airport they now call home. made in russia? the report causing controversy tonight. the pentagon buying helicopters from russia, and we ask, what about the ones made in america? the outrage growing. the heisman hopeful cleared tonight. fresh off his victory on the field and off, what was the question that led this young football star to walk off? and her secret, revealed. that voice, the singer who famously stunned the judges and the world. ♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪

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